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We provide individual counselling to a wide range of staff who work in call centres.  These environments can prove to be stressful environments for the staff which depend on the number and nature of the calls they are providing.  Sometimes the nature of the calls can trigger reaction based on event that are happening in the staff member’s personal life, or problems at home can result in reduced performance at work.

The call centres who commission our service do so as they need quick access to support for their staff to prevent absenteeism and increase resilience.


Provide accessible, professional and confidential employee counselling services, when they are needed, on-site or at NECS facilities.

Deliver high-quality models of intervention to ensure improved outcomes for key staff, employees or managers.

Provide on-going evidence to support the wide benefits of our service to your organisation

Promote a culture of care and involvement in your organisation


An organisation’s greatest asset is its workforce. Providing for employees’ health and wellbeing can help to create a robust, motivated and productive workforce which in turn will benefit any business.

We aim to help businesses and organisations to promote a positive culture around good mental health and wellbeing within the workplace. NECS Works have developed a bespoke staff counselling service to fit around the needs of an individual employee; the needs of a business owner/manager or CEO.



NECS Works, a trading name of North East Counselling Services CIC, is committed to banishing in-equality in mental health provision. As a pledge we will provide 5 free counselling sessions to a person in need for every 25 hours counselling we generate through NECS Works. This means we could be helping a child in need, a veteran or an adult that does not fit any criteria for free support and cannot afford to pay for a service they are in desperate need of. This is our pledge to each business owner who uses our service.

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